What an outstanding achievement. Not just to win his first Grand Slam but to beat Djokovic on a hard court with the man playing at his highest level. They played the most unflagging game of tennis I’ve seen in years. Twenty shot rallies were commonplace, a 54 shot rally the longest of the match. Djokovic was at his athletic best, returning everything as was Murray. There were so few aces in this match not because they weren’t serving with savage weight and accuracy, but because they are the greatest returners in the business. When the weight of expectation has been at its greatest our sporting heroes have stepped up to the plate and totally delivered on all fronts. But Andy Murray’s had that 79 year weight on his shoulders for the last 6 years and he’s dragged it around from semi-final to final each time shifting it to a more comfortable position. Now, finally, he’s shed it and he can embark on an era with a new lightness of being. I, for one, salute you Andy for such an exhilarating performance under the greatest of pressure.

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  1. Jfer says:

    Saw the comment on Andy Murray, how cheering is that! Came to your website (and work) via Seville – am totally in love with the place, and when I saw Falcon was set there and was on SkyAtlantic, watched it see its sunshine and beauty in the depths of the scottish wnter – but was seduced by Javier Falcon, and am just about to read the first book (heavy hints about christmas presents) – at work I needed a 5 minute escape, looked at this site, and saw the comment about Andy – am a huge fan, he’s a local boy – feel I have found the right place, can’t wait to spend some time in Javier Falcon’s Seville……..

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