No summer holidays for me this year. We’ve just had our friends from Seville to stay. I wrote in the mornings and afternoons and cooked in the evenings. Paella Valenciana the first night. Grilled boned leg of lamb (marinated for 12 hours) the second night. The third night we went out to a restaurant called The Twins because it’s run by Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee. An amusing couple of lads. The first night we went there, back in the autumn, there was a power cut and one of the twins shouted out over the dining room ‘Just to let you know I’m manning the door in case any of you try to get out without paying.’ We sat outside in the warm night and I had roast salt cod with browned garlic and olive oil, Jane and José had grilled fillet of pork with piri-piri and Mick had Bacalao à Bras, which is the best way to have salt cod for the uninitiated – shredded salt cod mixed with thinly chipped potatoes, eggs and parsley. The fourth night Jane cooked Borrego Assado, which is slow cooked lamb with paprika, white wine and onion and I provided chickpea purée, hot mint sauce and mushroom pilau. They left today and have been replaced by our Portuguese friend Alexandra and her daughter, Andrea, who writes a food blog. Tonight I will be doing Arroz de Tamboril, which is such a beautiful sounding name for what is Monk Fish Rice. I’ll let you know how it goes down.

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2 Responses to HOLS

  1. Penelope Abrantes says:

    What a treat! English people who like Portuguese food… It is quite, quite delicious and gives me the urge to nip into the kitchen immediately and start cooking ameijoas a Alentejana.

  2. Penelope Abrantes says:

    What a treat! Portuguese food is so yummy… lots of garlic, coriander, tomatoes and olive oil….
    I am rushing to the kitchen because my mouth is watering and I will cook Carne de Porco a Alentejana..

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